Services for the Media

In addition to appearing myself in work, we can also provide materials on loan for documentary work.

 Elementary sulfur, my main area of expertise.

Elementary sulfur, my main area of expertise.

Television, Radio and Web

I have appeared on various radio shows (e.g. BBC Naked Scientists) and TV shows (various Discovery Channel (USA and Canada)) as well as online productions (British Library EThoS promo film) and I am open to further work in this sector.

My areas of expertise mostly concern both the microbial metabolism and chemistry of elementary sulfur and sulfur compounds (including dimethylsulfide and thiophenes), rare earth metals, uranium and other actinides. I am also an expert in microbial taxonomy, systematics and the biodiversity of the Bacteria and the Archaea and their evolution. Whilst I am a biochemist, physiologist and chemist, I can and have appeared on film and radio talking on topics as diverse as Nostoc spp. and their formation of 'star jelly' to general microbiology and cave biology.

I also have a strong interest in history of microbiology, particularly early female microbiologists and in particular Mrs Grace Frankland FLS FRMS and her husband Professor Percy Frankland FRS.

Specimen Loans for documentary work

I have two large mineral collections - one private, one University-owned - each containing unusual specimens of rare-earth element minerals, native metals etc. My private Collection also includes actinide minerals such as pitchblende, uraninite and so on. The former Royal School of Mines (Imperial College London) actinide mineral collection (mostly from Cornwall) from the 1800s was recently sold at auction and I have acquired it privately - specimens from it may be available for photographic and video work subject to travel restrictions and safety regulations.

I have provided live and fixed microbial cultures and specimens including BacteriaArchaea and some Eukarya - such as the lichens (fungi in symbiotic relationships with members of the "Cyanobacteria") - for filming work also.

 Native copper.

Native copper.


Antique uranium glassware for documentary work

I have a private collection of 'vaseline glass' or 'depression glass' - glass doped with up to 2 % (w/w) uranium oxides - which fluoresces brilliantly under ultraviolet light and emits an extremely mild radioactivity. I have loaned specimens to film-makers in the past and am open to doing so again.