Boden Lab

Research Laboratory of Dr Rich Boden, University of Plymouth, UK

Official website of the Boden Lab - research group of Dr Rich Boden, University of Plymouth UK. Dr Boden is Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology and Communications Officer in the School of Biological Sciences. He also lectures students in the School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences and the School of Marine Science & Engineering, as well as training students in the Graduate School and early-career research staff. He performs consultancy for a number of different industries, from chemical manufacturers to mineral companies.

The Boden Lab is a team of interdisciplinary bacteriologists, physiologist, biochemists and geochemists working on a range of pure and applied research projects with the overarching themes of microbial sulfur and metal metabolism with particular focus on enzymology and bioenergetics, as well as the more applied areas of biorefinery and biohydrometallurgy. 

I am available for outreach into schools, community groups and for speaking at public events. My past experience includes working with a range of state and private schools around the UK including - ranging from doing practical bacteriology with Year 3 pupils at Northlands Primary School (State School, Rugby, Warwickshire) to being invited to give the inaugural lecture of the Wilson Auditorium at the Oakham School (Private School, Oakham, Rutland) in 2011.

Dr Rich Boden came to Oakham School to deliver a lecture to 6th Form biologists and chemists on the Biochemistry and Diversity of Metabolism and was thoroughly engaging. It can be difficult for a university lecturer to pitch the material  at a group of students whose ages and abilities range significantly, however, he did this supremely. He was able to simplify complex biochemistry that every individual in the audience could understand and took something useful from the session. His Q&A session afterwards was very impressive, showing superb knowledge across a range of biological topics but, again, explaining it in such a clear manner that everyone really understood.
I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Boden. His humour, genuine enthusiasm for science and clear explanations make him a fantastic speaker.

Mr S Larsen, Biology Teacher, Oakham School, Rutland, UK    

I am able to give pro bono  outreach work to schools as long as travel expenses are covered. I am able to help write and deliver anything from 6

th form sessions on bacteriology and it's impact on industry or human health or the environment through to taster-practicals for younger children to give them a taste of science. I can give lectures or more informal seminars on my work or research/academia in general, including "What is University Like?" or "Is University For Me?" careers talks that are particularly of interest in state schools. My background would probably nowadays be referred to as my being from an "under-represented group" and I work against an increasing disability daily to do what I do - both of these are of interest in the "widening participation" context and I am happy to give more general talks about my own career path - I am very keen that no pupil should feel that they "can't" go to university and feel that everyone should pursue their dreams and I'm more than happy to share my own story with 6th form pupils if it would help them in any way gain some context and insight.

Whatever your needs are, get in touch and discuss them using the "email" link on the top right corner of this page - if I can't help directly, there's probably someone I can find who can help from my friends and colleagues working in HE around the UK. Note that I do not charge state OR private schools for my outreach work - all I ask for is that travel expenses are paid in full and that if you require me before 1200h or if something ends after 1800h, overnight accommodation may also be required, owing to the amount of time it takes to get to and from Plymouth by train, which is my only means of travel.

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