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Research Laboratory of Dr Rich Boden, University of Plymouth, UK

Official website of the Boden Lab - research group of Dr Rich Boden, University of Plymouth UK. Dr Boden is Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology and Communications Officer in the School of Biological Sciences. He also lectures students in the School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences and the School of Marine Science & Engineering, as well as training students in the Graduate School and early-career research staff. He performs consultancy for a number of different industries, from chemical manufacturers to mineral companies.

The Boden Lab is a team of interdisciplinary bacteriologists, physiologist, biochemists and geochemists working on a range of pure and applied research projects with the overarching themes of microbial sulfur and metal metabolism with particular focus on enzymology and bioenergetics, as well as the more applied areas of biorefinery and biohydrometallurgy. 

BioORE Funding Secured!

 BioORE: Biogeochemistry, Bioextraction & Biorecovery of Rare Earth Elements

 BioORE: Biogeochemistry, Bioextraction & Biorecovery of Rare Earth Elements

I'm really pleased to announce that the Natural Environmental Research Council has awarded Catalyst funding to myself, Prof. Lynne Macaskie (University of Birmingham), Dr Joanne Wragg (British Geological Survey) and Prof. Richard Pattrick (University of Manchester) for our BioORE project, which I wrote the bid for earlier this year. The project starts on 1st September 2013 and runs for an initial 9 months. The PDRAs are Dr Angela Murray and Dr Stephanie Hanley-Sidhu, both of whom will be based at Birmingham but will undertake work at all of the project partners' institutions.

To find out more, see the BioORE Website

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