On The Secret Of The Incas

It is my wont to take a couple of Interns each academic year who work for me as Research Assistants as part of a Year In Industry as part of their B.Sc. Last June a pair started working for me ("best friends" if you ask the smaller one or "I hardly know him...who even is he?!" if you ask the bigger one) - one for the whole year (the smaller one) and one alas only for 8 months (the bigger one).

Said Bigger Minion™ has now fled my clutches to Peru, undertaking some ecological research that seems to mostly involve plants, Inca Kola and eating lots of things with big lumps of tough meat in them, thus far. Thankfully, he's started a really rather wonderful blog whilst he's out there and it's very nice for showing the raw underbelly of science - the hours of blood, sweat, tears and assorted other body fluids that go into our science - particularly in the field where he has to contend with altitude sickness, terrifying weather, food poisoning, not being able to speak Spanish and an ongoing addiction to Inca Kola.

The Artist Formerly Known As Bigger Minion (or Mr Tom Hathway, to his mother). A Minion Abroad.

If you want to learn more about what happens when a scientist is in the field, you could do a lot worse than read Tom's Blog - aside from the science, it has the sardonic, self-deprecating wonder of the ilk that Bill Bryson peddles so well. He's also been known to lurk on Twitter too, if you can't handle more than 140 characters at a time.

I'm enjoying his blog very much whilst he's far away but I do miss him - particularly when the Smaller Minion needs wrangling...