On Not Having The Time

It's been over 50 days since I last blogged. Pathetic isn't it? I mean, I've tried to - I've got 5 draft blogs ready to go but I've Not Had The Time to do anything with them. I'm currently working in physically at the University 55-60h per week Monday to Friday, plus another 15h or so in the evenings at home and 2-4h in the office on Sundays catching up with Things I've Not Had The Time To Do. That amounts to 72 and 79h per working week - I would say "that's awful" but no, that's unfortunately becoming increasingly normal in academia. Is it demanded by our employers? Not per se, no, what tends to happen is that we as academics set very high standards for ourselves and one another and we tend to say "yes" to things like editing articles and reviewing articles for journals (which is unpaid, I should add - academic editors don't get paid but bench editors do - go figure) and writing grants with other people that we'll never actually see any real output from because we know it's supporting our fellow scientists and so on and oh...suddenly there rolls by another month and the "To Do" list is still where it was!

One of my new years resolutions was to blog more...wonder if I'll keep it? Right now is a massive time of flux for me - the last 2 years have been - and I find blogging cathartic but time is a demon and always against me. Time goes so slowly when you're young but when you find out how fast it really goes, believe me it's scary. A song comes to mind - Fascinating Aida put this problem so very well to music about 30 years ago. Still daisy fresh!

Whilst I'm at it - this song is about teachers and OFSTED and as an educator, it resonates so much with me!