"Where did that summer go?"

A question I ask myself every autumn and which I'm sure will be the title of my memoirs should I ever have enough free time to write such a thing when I am Very Old...though if I have enough time to do that, I'll certainly not spend it writing after a career of it! 

Since the last time I wrote I've been an a NERC meeting to kick off the BioORE project and gotten most of my undergraduate project students under way on their projects, along side a blur of teaching - most of which I've delivered before at some point but I'm still writing a few lectures a week de novo.  

I found last year that spending 6-7h a day on my feet teaching in practical labs is no longer an easy thing for me to do as even with my stick, my ankles dislocate on their own, as do bones in my feet and chest and wrists and my spine is a complete mess. Thanks to Access To Work , my employer and a lot of work on my physiotherapist's part, I've now got a suite of braces for everything from my ankles to my neck to be used on days when I need to be stood up all day or in which I might sleep sitting up - planes and trains and so forth. I've done a road-test of the major ones today and yeah - they'll take some getting used to and the first test will be next Thursday. I'm self-concious about them as the spinal one is pretty obvious so need to investigate some scarves and cardigans to hide it a bit more. I won't be using it often anyway - if I do that, my already stretchy, tear-able, prone-to-spasming weak muscles will lose the little tone they have so it's just a means to an end to make it easier on my joints.

There's not a lot else to report right now - my Ph.D student Lee and I are finishing up his physiological studies for his first paper at the moment - I'm currently translating a Dutch Ph.D thesis from the late 1940s which used the same organism and similar conditions to see if we had the same outcomes. I love the random nature of my job sometimes!