Industry Collaborations and Consultancy


I have been advising and working with industry for many years now and I am always open to discussing new projects with companies of any size. I principally operate through three means of undertaking research and consultancy with industry:


For companies that want my opinion or advice or my interpretation of their existing data, without requiring any bench or field research to be undertaken, the consultancy route is the best option. I undertake consultancy through University of Plymouth Enterprise Limited (UoPEL) - please email me if you are interested and I will engage one of our UoPEL team to undertake the appropriate costings.


For companies that want a one-off piece of bench or field research undertaking or need an answer to a question that cannot be answered through consultancy and needs additional research of a confidential nature to be undertaken, a research contract is usually the best option. Again, this is undertaken through UoPEL, so please email me if interested. 


For companies with more on-going or larger requirements where a specialist member of research staff would need to be engaged for a year or more, there are various collaborative grants we can apply for, mostly through Innovate UK (formerly the Technologies Strategy Board, TSB). The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme is particularly favourable and to date I have held KTPs in partnership with major players in the biomethane production and refinery sector and the landfill liquor processing sector.